ACC Subsidises Farmers for Crush Protection Devices (CPD)

Great News for Farmers!

Are you self employed or do you run or own a small to medium business in the agricultural sector? 

ACC, in partnership with WorkSafe, has recently announced they will contribute $180 per Crush Protection Device (CPD), up to a maximum of two per business, to eligible small to medium farming businesses.

Why CPDs?

Every year, ACC stats reflect the fact that every year quad bikes are a major cause of death and serious injury in rural workplaces, with many incidents associated with accidential rollovers.

On average, 5 people die each year and over 1,000 claims are received by ACC for work-related quad bikes accidents, costing New Zealand taxpayers $12 million annually.

CPDs can reduce the risk of injury or death to you or your staff when riding a quad bike. A CPD can be fitted to a quad bike to provide a survivable space should a rider be pinned underneath it.

ACC will send each business that receives a subsidy a certificate to acknowledge your participation and commitment to improving workplace safety.

Together ACC & FarmSafe are committed to working towards safer and healthier workplaces for rural New Zealand businesses.

How to go about applying for CPDs?

Read up and find out everything you need to know, including if your business setor is eligible for this subsidy, right here.

Apply online via the application form.

Then send it through to the Safety team at safety(at)

It couldn't be easier and you may save a life. 

But don't dilly dally, the subsidy is open for only 12 months, with a review of uptake planned at 6 months.


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